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Bookkeeping Assistant

Monthly Bookkeeping

So many business owners get caught up in their daily operations and annual planning that they forget or wait until it's crunch time to review their sales taxes, 1099's, payroll, and financial statements. It's normal and understandable. Keeping your books up-to-date saves you from overpaying on your taxes, shows how well your company is performing, and is certainly key to successful end-of-year reconciliation.

Bookkeeping Clean Up Service

Bookkeeping Cleanup

Are you behind on your books? Do you still have that shoebox full of unorganized receipts stuffed in the back of the closet? Leave it to me! My clean up process includes organization and reconciliation. Don’t be embarrassed, I have seen it all. Bring it all to me and we will have that shoebox looking empty in no time.

Payroll assistance


Payroll can be a substantial task for small business owners, but it is a necessity for any business. Payroll processing, time and attendance and tax support services is what H Squared Bookkeeping can do for small and medium-sized businesses that want a personalized service from real people.

Tax preparation

Annual Reconciliation

Real talk, tax season is always stressful and time consuming. I can help navigate the sometimes rough waters of tax prep. I will prepare a year-end package and work directly with your CPA to make tax filing simple and seamless. This saves you time and money.  

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